about knowledge bend architectWe’ve now been in our Scott Gilbride designed home for over a year. Time flies in the perfect house!

Our home was a beautiful and exciting collaboration that began when we first met with Scott in his lovely treetop office.

We had interviewed several architects in town and were starting to lose faith in the possibility of finding the right partner. With anything as personal as a home, it definitely takes the “right fit” and the right team of design professionals.

As we got to know Scott and his work we realized he would be a perfect fit for anyone. We say this because he has designed so many different style homes. Scott has the ability to listen and act as an open canvas and then create in three dimensions the design being described.

Scott’s ability to place our home on our multi level lot as if it were a part of the landscape was exactly as we pictured it but had no idea that it could be achieved. It was very important to us that the house blend into its natural surroundings.

Scott’s in-depth questionnaire helped us perfect our ideas of what and how we wanted our home to function and what spaces we wanted. The end result is a home that has exactly what we wanted in each room with a wonderful flow from space to space.

The home is clean and contemporary but still fits in well with the Central Oregon environment. The home is very proportionally pleasing.

Scott’s use of passive solar in the design is amazing. The position of the windows in all the spaces keeps the house warm in the cool climate while creating a light and airy feel.

The utilization of multiple operable windows keeps the air flowing through the house during the warmer summer months.

Our overall experience with Scott and our home project has exceeded our most positive expectations.

Recent addition:

Just wanted to let you know we’ve been in the house over 7 years now and still love it. We truly appreciate your vision and effort in making our home so special.

Thanks, Mike & Melantha

– Michael & Melantha Bobrick