Central Oregon Quality Residential ArchitectThis is a strong and enthusiastic letter of recommendation for architect Scott Gilbride. Here’s why we think you should consider him when making your decision: 1. He is very creative in a wide variety of styles…from craftsman to lodge-style and modern to Tuscan villa…and many more. 2. He is sensitive to the site and surrounding environment. Your neighbors will be proud to live next to your home. 3. He listens to your requirements and then improves on your thinking with his own innovative ideas. Ultimately he builds the house that you want, not the one that he wants. 4. He is a “builder’s architect.” He is very knowledgeable about the details of construction, so his plans can be easily implemented by your builder. 5. He meets his commitments. All stages of our plan were completed on time. 6. He has excellent contacts with the City of Bend, so our project located on Mirror Pond moved smoothly through the planning process with no delays or objections. 7. He is able to create a plan that meets your budget requirements. Our home was finished slightly under budget. 8. He is always available when you need him. He returns calls promptly and follows up as agreed upon. We have built several homes from scratch, and this was the easiest and most satisfying of all. We’d be happy to speak with you if you have any questions.

– Lee & Marilyn Cox