about documents bend oregon architectOur 3D computer models and 2D construction plan documents are extensive and comprehensive in detail. We take pride in providing documents that are accurate and complete, and involve our clientele in decision making processes to avoid potentially expensive changes during construction. We are often rewarded by ease of communications with contractors, and comments such as “this is the best set of plans I’ve ever worked from.”

This also sets us apart from our competitors. While one can obtain permits and approvals with limited and less detailed plans, which may provide a “general idea” of how the project will be constructed; we strongly feel it is important to resolve all aspects of the project at the design and document phase, which can only be done via a comprehensive level of work. This approach has the added benefits of maintaining the design integrity of the project; limiting potential errors in obtaining bids; precludes receiving incomplete bids; and avoids costly change orders during construction; etc., that quite often occur with lesser documents.

We are well versed in complex construction techniques, yet strive to design with economy in mind, at all stages of the project.