about knowledge bend architectScott Gilbride/Architect Inc. is unique in the residential design market. The majority of licensed architects work primarily on commercial projects, and therefore rarely get an opportunity to design single family residential projects. Our focus, since 1990, has always been on the single family residential market, which represents 100% of our total production output. Because we focus solely on this market, we are experts in all the subtle nuances of the needs of this market, and we can also avoid the pitfalls others experience by dropping into this market by occasion.

Our experience and expertise is varied. We have experience with design through construction, for cost effective, small square footage homes that live large; as well as large homes that can function for both small and large gatherings. We have been designing in a wide variety of styles, based on client requests, for many years. For a speculative venture or resale values, we also have a wealth of experiences to draw from for the Pacific Northwest market.

Having also been involved in the construction of many homes and buildings as carpenters and tradesmen, we have the pragmatic knowledge to design homes which are practical to build and with efficient use of materials. We have become known for being thoughtful practitioners for combining high design features with cost effective measures. We have extensive construction experience, which allows us to analyze material and process options – to create the most economical approach, while balancing the extravagance of possible design features one may employ.

From a pure design standpoint, we are well travelled, and have an extensive knowledge of many examples of historic residential architecture. We strive to remain current, by staying well versed in the latest residential architectural design examples seen worldwide. We draw from both historic and recent sources in achieving our personal design pursuits.