about program process bend architectProgram refers to defining the nature and scope of the design project for the specific, unique needs of our clientele. Initially, we will supply a design questionnaire to clients, which asks questions pertaining to how you will use the home, and to assist in defining your scope for the project. With further meetings and review, we will then refine the design program to meet the goals outlined.

Once your initial dream is defined via the design program, we will take it, work with it, stretch it, rework it, make compromises, etc. … then we will evaluate it together throughout the process. Our expertise takes your dream to a higher level than you may have originally imagined and still maintains the project as your dream home.

The design process is a growth process. Many of our clients have a collection of well established ideas in their minds when they come to us. Others may not be positive where the final solutions lie, but have defined the underlying factors of importance. Somewhere in each of us is all the little ideas and details that make a home special. It may draw from memory – the dining room from your grandmother’s home, a little bistro in Paris or any imaginable experience. Sometimes it may be the desire to have a complete change from a previous home. In any case, there is no required amount of input you need to start with. Whatever you bring to the table is where we can begin.

We will walk you through the whole design process and provide you with “decision shopping lists” as needed to finalize the design project. The final product is a detailed set of construction documents that provide very specific information for all aspects of your architectural project.