about team bend architectWe have the respect of local jurisdictions and officials with our long history in Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We also maintain long standing relationships with our consultants (engineers, interiors, landscape, etc.), contractors, and sub contractors to assist in the entire process. It is typically recommended to employ an interview process, early on, to establish the full design team – owners, architect, interior consultant, landscape consultant, and general contractor. The team then acts as a cohesive unit, rather than as independent efforts without a mutual focus. We also have the ability for contractors and sub contractors to participate in the various stages of design, to help verify project costs, and, at times, to establish best practices.

As a small firm, we employ a collaborative, hands on operating style with all members of the team. We are used to working directly with the clients from phase A to phase Z, together with all of the team members. For single family homes, we are generally the central hub of the team, and very familiar with organizing effective communications and scheduling.

There are a lot of factors to each decision we make in completing any project. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our methods and processes in great detail, in hopes we can be a member of your design team.