sustainability energy bend oregon architectWe have been in our new Scott Gilbride-designed home for exactly one month and we are enjoying it thoroughly. As we reflect on the design and building process, some thoughts come to mind:

• First, we enjoyed every aspect of the project and our home was completed ahead of schedule and under budget!

• When we first met Scott, his demeanor was easy, but attentive. He gave us a “preference” sheet to fill out.

• During our second meeting, Scott continued to listen, referring to our specific desires about features and design.

• Throughout our process, Scott referred to the preference sheet we had given him. Amazingly, we now find 99% of features are incorporated into our new home! Only the wine cellar was not incorporated, our decision.

• Scott never argued for design elements he had suggested that we decided against. He accepted our wishes and moved on. We truly appreciated this aspect of our relationship.

• Of high importance to us was that Scott agreed to back-out or collaborate on the interior architecture aspect of our home. We wanted our daughter, an Interior Architect and cabinetry expert to design all interior cabinetry, and to have significant input into all interior choices. Unlike what we found with some of the other architects and designers we interviewed, Scott was open to this idea, and appeared to be unthreatened by the idea or a collaborator. We saw this as generous professionally and financially, and showed character strength. Ultimately, it was a major factor in our choice of architect.

• The design and implementation collaboration turned out to be very positive from our viewpoint.

• One design request we made was that the house have lots of natural light, minimal to no direct sunlight, yet have places to go outdoors for sunlight. We are amazed and pleased at how effectively Scott accomplished this.

• One request we made at the outset was the house should be unobtrusive when you drive by. In other words, we did not want a bold exterior statement, rather the house should blend into the space. This was done with taste and without forfeiting design.

• Another request we made was that a large pine tree in the center of the lot be preserved if at all possible. Scott designed the house around the tree, resulting in a very attractive effect.

• Regarding design, Scott was able to interpret our requests beautifully. We were restrained by the Broken Top Design Review Committee, their requirement that the exterior be “northwest/craftsman” style as opposed to the contemporary we preferred. Scott was able to design within their demands in a way that also satisfied us.

• The transition from outdoors to inside the house where the design is very contemporary was done in a gradually revealing manner, adding to the intrigue and beauty of the house.

• Now that the process is complete, we know of only one thing we wish we had done differently. That would be to add a spotlight featuring the beautiful steel fireplace façade Scott designed.

– Jim & Karen Wolfe