about mission bend architectScott Gilbride is a first class artist who works at the confluence of wood, steel, and concrete and people’s lives and dreams.
He knows construction from hands-on experience, and he listens and understands when people describe how they live and what they dream. He took our description and turned it into our home and a piece of artistry.

We have been in our home for several years now. From the beginning it fit us like an old slipper, yet every day it seems new and vibrant, and I love looking at it, and I never tire of looking at it. The inside spaces make sense and are engaging, and the outside can be exciting or subtle, occasionally somber and sometimes dramatic, never generic. And best of all, our home is accepted, even welcomed by its surrounding natural beauty, that initially begged not to be disturbed. The sculpture Scott designed settled itself in among the rocks and trees of our site as if Nature put it there. It fits in, and it allows us to fit in.

Working with Scott was an absolute pleasure, and the results are a continuing pleasure. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found him and to have been beneficiaries of his magic.

– Mahall/Stout